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Revolution Caring 24/7 Limited prefers to recruit its staff members within the local community.

Because of this, we can provide reliable and readily available services to our Clients, enabling Revolution Caring 24/7 Limited to act in the spirit of best practice for the benefit of people concerned (staff members, service users, our clients, etc).

Revolution Caring 24/7

Our staff members will always serve you with a smile as they will always be kind and caring at heart.

Our staff members come from various ethnic backgrounds and are of different age groups.

Our staff members are able to perform the day to day tasks involved in running a household.

Our staff members adhere to the National Care Standards Acts 5 Standards of Care.

Our staff members are CRB checked before being sent out on any assignment.

Our staff members are critically examined, undergoing a thorough application process, before sending them out on any assignment.

Our staff members have a wide range of caring expertise. Some not only work for Revolution Caring 24/7 Limited, but also work for various care agencies or work permanently for other care/nursing homes.

Our staff members are responsible workers who are committed to work individually or in a team whenever required to.

Our staff members are caring, calm, competent, committed, compassionate and confidential. As a result, all our staff members are fully compliant and ready to work without any delay.

By developing and investing in our staff members, Revolution Caring 24/7 Limited, is proud to deliver guaranteed quality care at its best 24/7.

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